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November Leader 2021: Joe Burke



The first time I met Joe, I quite literally sat for 45 minutes with my jaw to the floor (metaphorically, of course). Every word he said was so engaging; from reading Shakespeare in his advanced high school English class, to the tropes of Disney tales that explore the architecture of the human psyche, to him writing his current book, The Anatomy of Yes, in two days on a train. I was completely hypnotized. And I still am by his dynamic energy and raw passion for life.


Habitual Risk Taker, Joe Burke

This self-proclaimed title is completely true and was given to me when I asked him for his bio. Joe is the author of his book, The Anatomy of Yes: The Story Behind Every Sale. This book breaks down the 5 archetypes in every story, fable and tale that we’ve come to know, and how they are seen in business. He maps out each archetype, an example, and how to overcome the obstacles (dragons, the underworld, you get the jist) and thrive in your business. Oh yeah—and this book was written in two days on a train. Joe has spoken on archetypal patterns and business strategy in over 100 forums including speeches at Boeing, USC Marshall School of Business, and the NG Customer Experience Summit. He created a startup digital agency at the age of 21, and served as a marketing executive at Disney and Goodwill—Forbes’s top 25 Most Inspiring Companies in America. Joe currently owns a creative business strategy agency, an award-winning toy company he created with his children (Ollyball, which he invented, patented, and won Toy of the Year) and collaborates on a portfolio of projects including producing and developing films. Are you floored, or are you floored, by this man!?


Episode Overview

Joe and I dive right into the good stuff. He begins by introducing me to the glory of the double and triple dog-ear (I’m sorry, what?)—AKA the DogEared Book Club rating for books. We go into his love of Shakespeare, the importance of his favorite soliloquy and how it relates to our modern society. We touch on his book, his toy company, and then go head first into archetypal tropes and stories we see in Disney movies and stories. He also reveals an INSANE announcement, which will end up being a second Group Leader Seminar (who’s down?!). Lastly, you will hear some pretty unforgettable quotes. Joe is an endless well of insight, tenacity, creativity and energy. You will be hooked from beginning to end. Enjoy!

Episode Show Notes

Intro message, mission and introducing Joe Burke, DogEared’s November Leader.

  • 5:35 Hello! Let’s begin

  • 6:34 The DOWN LOW on Double and Triple dog-ear. Here is your new dog-ear method and DogEared Book Club rating system for books

  • 9:30 Elaborate on your first memory of reading and dive into your love of Shakespeare

  • 13:50 Repeats soliloquy and breaks it down briefly

  • 17:50 Have you gotten back into reading again? (Last time we met, he was in the middle of editing/publishing his book. And guess what! Just because you take a break from reading, doesn’t mean you’re not a reader)

  • 18:12 Joe dives into the second book and his current book,The Anatomy of Yes.

  • 22:35 Dives into Ollyball, his patented toy company.

  • 23:48 What moves you in a work of literature?

  • 26:10 What has been a book that has motivated you in terms of your success or your creativity?

  • 28:07 Explains how famous films are connected to classic literature (Clueless, 10 things I hate about you, Legally Blonde, are adaptations of classic stories)

  • 29:16 DROPS A BOMB: He casually mentions that he has the life rights to an untold story… you guys. Unbelievable. Gives us a small, small nugget. Are you down for another seminar?!

  • 32:44 Reads the first chapter of his book: Why does the parent die in the first 15 minutes of every Disney movie?

  • 32:53 Brief intermission! DogEared community, I am thanking you in advance for your support and patience. I will be working on reframing and restructuring the business with content and memberships. Second, for now, members, go check out my 3 bonus episodes available on Mighty Networks! And third, go snag a copy of Joe’s book, The Anatomy of Yes. Available on Thriftbooks, eBay, Barnes and Noble (online). Yes, it’s available on Amazon, but definitely try to shop local and second-hand to support the book love!

  • 34:52 Why do parents die in the beginning of Disney stories, children’s stories and most powerful stories?

  • 36:25 “Storytelling is about survival. If there’s two things that every great story has, it’s fear and enlightenment”

  • 36:50 Reveals an amazing fact about Moana!

  • 40:42 If you could have an author write about your life, who would it be?

  • 41:27 Joe asks, “What author would you NOT want to write about your life story?”

  • 41:50 If you could pick up a book right now, and sit back and read it, what would it be?

  • 44:15 “Life is a dangerous adventure, or nothing” said by Hellen Keller

  • Another amazing quote: “Entrepreneurs jump off a cliff and build a plane on the way down.”

  • 46:00 What makes you dog-ear a page?

  • 47:27 If you could gift someone a book, what would it be and who would it be to?

  • 50:43 Why do you read?

  • An original Joe quote: “For every 100 pounds of knowledge I get an ounce of wisdom”

  • 53:24 What book would you recommend for me to read?

  • 56:50 Joe literally makes me cry like what… “This generation needs you.”

  • 58:14 Joe asks ME a question/activity: Write the date then “I, [name] am willing to make the necessary sacrifices to _______” The blank is up to you.


Links and where to find his work

Books mentioned in the Episode
  • Every. Single. Damn. Shakespeare book, play, romance, tragedy, etc.

  • Author: Malcom Gladwell

  • Author: Martin Lindstrom

  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Stephen R. Covey

  • The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni

  • Screenwriter: Karen Lutz

  • The FountainHead by Ayn Rand

  • Devil in the White City by Erik Larson

  • The Tempest by Shakespeare (An original plot!)

  • The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas

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