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September Leader 2021: Dr. Steven Farmer


I was greeted by his lab...

Which already set me up for success: Alexandra sees dog = instant joy = good mood = I got this.

What I love about Dr. Farmer is that you’d never know he’s a world-renowned healer and author. You’d watch him walk barefoot around the neighborhood, waving at the neighbors. But then you’re in his presence and, I genuinely mean this, you feel nothing but Spirit. As my mentor would say, “You can be in the presence of the holiest of beings, and they’d never tell you. You’d just know that you’re in the presence of someone wonderful.” That was Dr. Farmer.

Funny enough, I was connected to him through my medium. Long story short, he needed some help with his business. I was looking for something to fill my time and pay the bills while I looked for a full-time gig. For about a couple months, we were buddies—he’d be at his desk, I’d be on the couch. He’d grunt in minor frustration, I’d be like What now, Steven. We discussed work, life and spirituality. Thank goodness I can call him a dear friend and spiritual mentor, but I just loved being around him and learning through osmosis. But of course, I am so honored that he wanted to participate in DogEared Book Club.


World-Renowned Shamanic Practitioner, Best-Selling Author, Licensed Psychotherapist and Somatic Therapist, Former Professor, Ordained Minister and Amateur Didgeridoo Player.

Dr. Steven Farmer, my goodness. You have outdone yourself! If you are in the spiritual world, I’m sure you know of this guy. His best-selling works include:

Healing Ancestral Karma, Earth Magic(TM), Earth Magic(TM) Oracle Cards, Messages from Spirit Animals, Power Animal Oracle Cards, Pocket Guide to Spirit Animals, along with several children’s works that have won multiple awards. They can all be found on his website, They’re also available on Amazon (but, personal preference, I try not to buy books from Amazon). And, they’re available at most spiritual stores.

Dr. Farmer also has two new oracle cards coming out in 2022, so stay tuned! I currently have two of his, Power Animals and Earth Magic(TM) , and I love them. They’re a perfect way to start off either a morning or week.

His suggestion: call in your guides, ancestors, whoever and whatever makes you feel connected. Thank them, then, ask a question—can be general or specific. Make sure to shuffle the cards and pull however many you feel called to!

An example of my experience: One morning I asked, What do I need to know right now? I pulled a Butterfly, who’s key word was Breakthrough. I then felt called to ask, How can I prepare for this breakthrough? I then pulled the Otter, which was to be Grateful for all that I have in my life. I sat on that intention for the week.


Episode Show Notes

Intro message, mission and introducing Dr. Steven Farmer, DogEared’s September Leader.

  • 8:05 Is there a book you’re reading right now and how do you like it?

  • 11:44 What is your earliest memory of reading?

  • 16:00 Did this book impact the way you looked for books, or the way you searched for stories?

  • 18:32 What is your favorite genre and does that couple into your favorite author?

  • 20:54 How do you read in terms of habits that you have?

  • 25:12 What were the other books that impacted your spiritual path, and get into how you were called to be an author?

  • 41:52 What else have you learned from you author experience that applies to your everyday life?

  • 48:37 If you could have an author write about your life, who would it be? And, who would you want to write about your life—in terms of a spirit guide or ancestor that you work with?

  • 52:37 Has there been a book that’s broken your heart or has made you want to fall in love again?

  • 59:15 If you could gift a book to someone; who would it be to, what would it be and why?

  • 6:22 Why do you read?

Thanks for listening!

Books Mentioned in the Episode:

  • The Creative Cure by Jacob Norby

  • Blessed Are the Weird by Jacob Norby

  • The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich by William L. Shirer

  • For Your Own Good by (Psychologist) Alice Millers

  • Authors: Michael Connelly

  • Authors: John Sanford

  • Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman

  • The 4 Four Agreements Don Miguel Ruiz

  • The Way of the Shaman by Michael Harner

  • The Alchemist by Paul Coelho

Where you can find all of his books, oracle cards and book a session, or follow along his journey!

  • Healing Ancestral Karma

  • Earth Magic™

  • Earth Magic™ Oracle Cards

  • Power Animal Oracle Cards

  • Messages from Animal Guides

  • Pocket Guide to Spirit Animals

  • Adult Children of Abusive Parents (This will be found off site)

  • The Wounded Male ( Off his site)

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