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DogEared Membership


What gives DogEared it’s soul is the connection between ourselves and the books we love. Ultimately, you are the ones that create this community. I’m simply creating a platform for you to be a part of one.

Non-Member Access 

Listen and watch interviews on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, on the DogEared platform, and YouTube. If you’re not ready to be a member but want to listen in, there is inherent access to listening to interviews. However, the membership platform and Group Leader Seminars are member-exclusive. 

Get to see what leaders are reading

Each month I will release a partial list of the leader-of-the-month’s favorite reads.

Purchase books on the DogEared bookshop

Second-hand books (and books in the future) will be available. However, DogEared members will have a member-exclusive discount to these second-hand books. 

DogEared Membership

Every month for $8, get access to the interactive DogEared community platform via Mighty Networks. 

On this platform, you will have a profile and ability to engage in polls, Q&A, stay informed on upcoming events, etc. and a chance to extend the conversation overall. 

Get access to DogEared Book Club Seminars with the Leader of the Month

Each month, DogEared will highlight a leader. Within the first week, the interview episode will be released and following will be the release of their booklist and a registration to join the seminar. This seminar will be a mediated discussion between myself, the leader and facilitated as an open-ended conversation so other members can connect with each other and the leader. 

Access to the leader’s entire booklists

Every month, the highlighted Leader of the Month will not only be featured in my episode for this time, but their book lists will be released. These are the books that they’ve talked about in the interview, as well as additional books they feel would be impactful to share.

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Access to the leadership raffle

Here’s a chance to spend one on one time with one of the DogEared featured leaders.

Access to book reviews & bookstagram interviews with yours truly!


Every month, I will post an episode talking about a book. This could be a current book I’m reading. This could be a book that I can’t stop thinking about. 

And, I will feature interviews with bookstagram pages—this is ANOTHER community that I will connect DogEared members too. 

Access to small surprises, events & everything in between!


So please stay tuned and connected. 
Access to discounted books and products. 

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