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About DogEared


Hi, I'm Alexandra

My close friends and family call me Bebe. I’m a creative, bubbly, colorful soul. I find energy in connecting with others. As you know, clearly, I have a love affair with books. I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Advertising and my Second-Area of Focus in Creative Writing. I’m a Copywriter by trade, currently working at the Los Angeles Times. Lastly, I live in Santa Monica in a sweet little studio—dancing, singing, creating and enjoying the present moment. 

I believe books deepen our connection with our inner self and enable us to have a more meaningful experience with our external world. My goal with DogEared Book Club is to use this power of books with the intention of creating and celebrating connection, knowledge, and growth.

Bebe Shelly


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Our Podcast

DogEared Book Club Podcast

Listen to interviews between myself and thought-leaders on how books have impacted their life. 

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